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Inwatec on the Front Page: Looking at laundry operations of the future

Inwatec on the Front Page: Looking at laundry operations of the future

“Compared to just five years ago, there is a significant development in the laundry industry. Previously, companies were somewhat conservative in investing in and utilizing new technology, but that’s definitely not the case anymore. You could say, that the future has begun.”

In the American Laundry News, edition November 2017, Inwatec’s CEO Mads Andresen was interviewed about his expectations for the future of laundry business – together with seven industry experts from Pellerin Milnor Corp., Performance Matters, Jensen USA, Continental Girbau, Lavatec Laundry Technology Inc.,G.A. Braun Inc., and UniMac. Mads talked about his thoughts on e.g. changes of equipment, technology development, future laundry work places, and his outlook to the future of the laundry industry.

Changes in the laundry business

“There is no doubt that the laundry business is already changing. There is an increasing focus on efficiency, sustainability and the workers. Because of that, the use of automation and robotics is increasing quickly. The machines will take over many of the heavy, fatiguing and monotonous tasks – in the long run; machines will take over all the dirty work”, Mads replies on how he thinks the laundry business will change in terms of physical equipment and technology.

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Read the full edition of American Laundry News – November 2017 here

The interview starts on page 1, and continues on pages 6 and 12. 

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