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Innovation condition for growth 300 x 180

Innovation is a condition for growth

Innovation is a condition for growth In the Dutch laundry company Rentex Awé, there is no room for stagnation. Even when everything in the production line functions as it ought to, the family behind the business focusses on evolution and enhancement to keep the competitors behind. “We work continuously on improving every part of the […]

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Xray machine cuts cost 620x320

X-Ray Machine cuts labour costs in half in hospital laundries

Efficient X-Ray sorting machine leads to 50 percent staff reduction in hospital laundries; DFD Aalborg has experienced. For five years, none of the employees at the soiled side sorting has received a stab injury. Dirty laundry, sorted by the innovative X-Ray technology and RFID-Chips is not a future scenario – it already exists.

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