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Olma OBIFOLD Premium small piece folder The Olma OBIFOLD Premium dry piece folder offers the flexibility and dependability you have been searching for. The OBIFOLD Premium dry piece folder has the ability to sort sized items on up to three sorting conveyors and can fold different sized towels, fitted sheets, thermal spreads, bath blankets, patient gowns, scrub tops and bottoms, garments, as well as, other dry material up to 47” x 98” long. The OBIFOLD Premium dry piece folder can be ordered in a single sort/stack unit all the way to a triple sort unit. Sorting conveyors can be added in the field, if a single sort was purchased, to further add flexibility in the machine for future growth or production changes. Further flexibility, standard on the OBIFOLD Premium, gives the customer the ability to program the folder to run continuously, run based on a photo-eye start, or run based on a push button start. The OBIFOLD Premium also can be programmed to stop the piece before the tail end goes into the machine so ends can be adjusted if desired. The OBIFOLD Premium dry piece folder a is plc-based system with up to 50 programs.

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The Olma OBISTACK Slide is an automated small piece stacking and folding machine which efficiently stack, or fold and stack wash cloths, bar towels, shop towels, bath towels and towels and or bathmats into perfect piles.  The OBISTACK Slide has a new optional ability to fold an item up to 19.5” wide x 51” long.

Pieces are fed onto a conveyor where they are captured between belts and directed towards a high-speed stacking or folding system. Once the programmed stacking count is reached, the stack moves forward on the conveyor to allow for the next pile. Your production will increase using the OBISTACK Slide which accurately counts each item as it is placed neatly on the top of the stack. The OBISTACK Slide has a PLC based control system and 4.3” color touchscreen. An operator-friendly layout and simple menu settings makes it easy to create or change folding programs.

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The Olma OBITRANSIT is an air operated transfer conveyor that comes standard with traffic control.  The OBITRANSIT transfers linen from all manufacturers of small piece, large piece and blanket folders onto a centralized plant conveyor.  The OBITRANSIT helps to keep linen flowing on a main belt without overloading, or backing the main conveyor up.

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